60 Days in Europe: Day 49 / July 17

July 17, 2014 – York – Keswick – Borrowdale (North Lakes District).

From my journal:
In the morning we walked back to the Minster and toured the whole building (except the tower), including the Crypt and the Undercroft Museum. Splendid Gothic.

I continue to be moved by the war memorials, of which the Minster had several. Also, a remembrance of Wm. Wilberforce. Magnificent windows. The Great Window is out for restoration, but they had some restored panels to view.

The astronomical clock and the Chapter House (completed 1280s) where Parliament met under Edward I (1297) were also highlights.

We walked back, hitting Starbucks (1st time overseas) and several 2nd-hand bookstores along the way.


Next: The Lake District…

We fetched the car and drove about 2 and a half hours to Keswick. Parked and walked the small end of Fitz Park, across the river and through town, buying food to fix for dinner along the way.

Drove to the hostel in Borrowdale. This country is absolutely fantastic! I can’t say enough about its beauty and charm.

At the hostel we fixed ourselves tortellini and sauce with mushrooms and bell peppers thrown in.

This is where our hostel was situated:



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