60 Days in Europe: Day 8 / June 6


June 6, 2014 – Orvieto – Montepulciano – Siena.

Our room was actually a bedroom in a house. Our host set this table the next morning. ⇒

From my journal: We took a bus up to Orvieto and walked the town.


Video: Getting some food at the deli in Orvieto, where Laura’s Spanish has limited success, but gets the job done.


We took the streetcar back, which dropped us right at the train station, where we took the train to Montepulciano.

Well, almost. The scala. It’s actually ten miles from Montepulciano. We realized that taking the bus to Montepulciano and back in time to catch the train to Siena would leave no time to see Montepulciano. We decided we would take the bus from M. to Siena directly, which would give us plenty of time.

This was a great little town, and worth the trip. Highlights: the views. the Fortezza, Palazzo, clock tower.

Gelato Day 7: On the way from Orvieto to M. we had to change trains in Chiusi. We found a “Cucina Cinese” which I don’t think had one Chinese item, but the two young people working the counter were Chinese-Italians, I think. We had a small cup with white chocolate (L) and biscotti (me).

We arrived in Siena and walked to hostel, unsure of our directions, getting there just four minutes ahead of the cut-off time. An old house (?) with 10 ft. ceilings and access from our room to a yard. After resting we walked through the gate (in the medieval city wall) – Porta Comollia – and had a drink on the small piazza there.


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