60 Days in Europe: Day 26 / June 24

June 24/25, 2014 – Barcelona – Alicante.

From my journal:
When we first checked in, the hostel desk clerk told us we could park on any available space on the streets that didn’t have a yellow line. So Laura parked about a block away. I got up today about 8:30, Laura about 10. We were going to drive to Poblet Monastery on the way to Alicante. With the late start I realized the night before  we would miss Poblet, as it closed 12-3.

When we got to where Laura had parked, we found the car was gone! It had been impounded by the police. The guy who normally parks there (illegally) called in a complaint and got it towed. Then he parked there himself. 😦

The hostel manager helped us figure what to do. We walked down to Maragall, ate breakfast (eggs


We paid off the guards, and busted out of the Spanish Prison for Cars. Just glad it wasn’t sent to Devil’s Island.

& bacon! 🙂 ), then took the Metro to the vehicle detention garage. We had to wait until 2:45 to make an appeal – which was rejected. We were parked on a sidewalk, they said. €218 – ouch.*



Some people think Europeans don’t take terrorism seriously enough. After stumbling upon this Terrorist Office Building across from the Prison for Cars, it’s hard to disagree.

We were on the road by 3:30.

5:30 – The Monastery of Poblet. I went in by myself. This was awesome: a 12th century Cistercian monastery that included additions up till the 1800s.

7:30 – Mont Blanc. A cool little medieval walled town, with several very old churches and restored walls and tower. The St. Jordi Gate claims to mark the spot where St. George slew the dragon. This is of interest because this has been depicted in paintings, sculptures, buildings and adornments everywhere we’ve been on our trip. A captivating story.


“We have all the right moves.”

Did not arrive at the very-well-hidden Holiday Inn in Alicante until 2:30 a.m.

Blessings: Got to see Poblet  & Mont Blanc after all. Had a great ‘American breakfast.’ The roads were empty because of the holiday. Our room was a bargain. Saw some beautiful country before dark. Found gas just when we needed it.

* About $300. Ouch ouch ouch. Just typing it hurts.


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