60 Days in Europe: Day 33 / July 1

July 1, 2014 – Seville – Cordóba – Toledo.

From my journal:
After checking out and getting directions over coffee, we drove to Cordóba.

Wow! Puente Romano (bridge), Alcázar (outside), happened upon the Royal Andalusian horses getting ready for a show tomorrow night. Pix and video for Tracey Arnett 🙂 (see video below).

Saw the Mezquita (Mosque)/Cathedral, being much more interested in the mosque than the cathedral it was turned into. Amazing, especially the Byzantine-made mosaics. Ate lunch and made our way back to the car.


Leaving Cordoba, we drove through La Mancha, and stopped at the windmills of Consuegra on our way.



We arrived in Toledo some time after 7 and repeated our two-hour routine of finding our hostel.
Great location – next to the Alcázar in the Old City. Still not feeling better. We had milkshakes and pizza, which helped.

Hot night.




Video: In the Royal Stables of Cordoba, horses and their humans prepare for a show the following night.

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