60 Days in Europe: Day 37 / July 5

July 5, 2014 – Madrid – Paris.

From my journal:
Last day in Spain. Packed up, grabbed coffees while waiting for taxi to urgent care at the hospital. Laura got in and out of her visit with the doctor pretty quickly, but without an ℞ for the antibiotics she really wanted. Pain meds instead.

Apparently you can’t get antibiotics in Europe unless you have the bubonic plague.

Metro to aeropuerto. Flight to Paris dep. 2:24. Adios, España!

We had booked an Airbnb rental near the Opera House.

IMG_3689JPG crop

The Paris Opera House.

Plane landed after 4:00. Made our way by bus and Métro to the Havre-Caumartin stop, where Marc was kind enough to meet us. He walked us back, and through all the info we needed re: the building, apartment, neighborhood, etc. Then he bought us drinks next door at a punk pub. For a long time, old Bowie was playing, then the Velvet Underground.

Laura and I bought food including a microwave dinner at the Dia (Spanish supermercado chain) on the block.

You can buy some really good microwave food in Europe.




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