60 Days in Europe: Day 40 / July 8

July 8, 2014 – London.


London: Horseferry Road & Arneway Street, Westminster.

From my journal:
We walked to an Italian cafe for real coffee, as the pub the hostel is attached to (owned by) was offering instant (!).

We dropped our wet laundry (we had received it that way from Marc) at a laundromat.

We walked to the Houses of Parliament and began our Westminster walk (R. Steves again). Westminster Bridge, Parliament Square. Statues of Lincoln, Mandela, Churchill. A TV reporter told us that Parliament had just that morning voted to erect a statue of Gandhi in the square. We saw his report that night, and he included Churchill’s nasty “Mid-Temple lawyer” quote.

Whitehall, Horse Parade, Old Scotland Yard, Trafalgar Square. Got our London Pass and walked back to tour Westminster Abbey. Tombs of the rich and famous. Poet’s Corner was my favorite.

We took the bus back and bought ourselves microwave dinners at Tesco (Supermarket).


After eating we went next door to the pub and watched the first 60 minutes or so of the historic Germany v. Brazil World Cup game. When we went to bed the score was 5-0 and all the cheering and singing we heard though the neighborhood , we learned the next morning, was the not the end of the game as I thought, but two more goals by Germany! (and one by Brazil.)


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