60 Days in Europe: Day 3/June 1


June 1, 2014 – Sorrento – The Amalfi Coast.

From my journal: Stopped at the market deli next door and got picnic food + biscotti, and went a little further to a cafe for cappuccinos and biscotti. Walked down to the Porto to learn about ferry transport to Amalfi Coast.


Decided to go by bus and caught one back to the train station.

Bus to Positano, where we got off. Walked down to the beach. First time in the Mediterranean!

Ate and boarded a fast boat to Amalfi.

This meant going directly to the far end of the coast and working our way through the other towns on our way back, rather than the other way around, as we had planned.

Amalfi:  Wound our way through a great medieval passage to the Piazza and walked through the Cathedral.



Gelato Day 2! 36 Flavors: I got ciocollato and arancia (chocolate & orange), L. got coconut.






We then made our own exploration of the old walkways, looking in vain for medieval aristocratic houses we read could be identified by ‘turrets.’ No one knew anything about these, but we did venture into the residential area above the central downtown into run-down, very old buildings. One sign dated a street (via) to the twelfth century.

A colorful and amusing return followed our stay in Amalfi which stretched later into the day than we anticipated.

We opted for taking the bus back to Sorrento, the last of the day, marked by an hour wait (third in line), brazen line-cutters and projectile vomit on the bus.

8:00 dinner again – made a salad from the store – bought a mix, tomatoes, and  oil, plus cheese and olives left over from lunch.


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