60 Days in Europe: Day 4/June 2

June 2, 2014 – Sorrento to Rome.


Please bring me my wine.


From my journal: Big day!

Went to train station early, caught the slow & dirty to Napoli, and the clean & fast to Rome by 11:10. Just a few blocks to the hostel. Dropped our bags and walked to the Coliseum.

After that the Forum, then Palatine Hill.

Tried to nap on a patch of grass on the trail down the Hill to Via S. Grigoria. Too much traffic. Walked back to the hostel for siesta, and ate at Alfredo’s at 7 (spaghetti carbonara & ravioli).


Then caught the Metro to Piazza di Popolo, and walked the length of the Via del Corso. Then back to the hostel by 10:30. Whooped!

PS Gelato Day 3: shared a small pistachio on del Corso. Different than what we know in the States; less sweet, nuttier. Delicioso!


Video: Rome I

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