60 Days in Europe: Day 5 / June 3

June 3, 2014. Rome – Vatican City.

When it comes to museums, sometimes photos were allowed, often they were not. When they were permitted, usually getting a decent photo of a painting or something in a case was not possible because of low lighting or reflections. I took them anyway, because I wanted to remember what I saw.

From my journal: Late start. Breakfast down the street. Metro to Vatican City. Got into the Museum w/o standing in line, and 2 1/2 hours early.


Sistine Chapel awed me. The hair was standing up on my arms. (No photos permitted.)

Then direct to St. Peter’s.

We started toward Castel Sant’Angelo, at a few blocks before. Nice walk along the Tiber under shade trees, to Campo de FioreBruno statue, Piazza Farnese.

Visited Forno bakery  to get biscotti for morning. Coffee and tiramisu at Cucina Romana.

7:30 Piazza Navona – my favorite (piazza) so far! Lively and festive. Musicians, singers, beautiful building overlooking – fantastic!  – See the video below.


Piazza Navona




Patheon – walked three quarters of the way around.

Fontana di Trevi – very crowded, stayed only briefly.


Fontana di Trevi

On to Gelato Day 4. Wonderful spot off the Fontana. My choice: Amaretto. Sweet old lady topped it off with something else – probably sweet almond. Best yet!



View from the Spanish Steps

Walked to the Spanish Steps. Caught the Metro back from there.
Video: Rome II


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