60 Days in Europe: Day 6 / June 4

June 4, 2014. Rome.

From my journal: We had put in our itinerary for today a trip north to Cerveteri, to see the Etruscan necropolis, but decided instead to spend our last day here in the city. We had a leisurely start. Breakfast at the hostel, then the Metro and bus to the Via Appia Antica. As we proceeded down the road on foot (the IMG_1230wrong way, it turned out), we ran out of sidewalk and followed a sign to an info center. We never found it and ended up in a suburb, farther than we wanted to walk form the Via. Just as we were about to take a taxi, a bus came that got us to within a few minutes of the San Domitilla Catacombs at 1:15 – closed until 2:00, so we went on and found the San Sabastiani Catacombs. Wow. We loved this tour which, if anything, took us too swiftly through the underground cemetery.

Coming out, we proceeded down the Via, wanting gelato but not finding any to Laura’s liking (locally made). We probably walked 2-3 miles. When we came to a  crossroads we caught a bus back to a Metro stop.

It turned out to be in Laurentia, where the gift shop lady told us the Tre Fontane Abbey was. With her directions we found it and visited the church which supposedly marks the spot of St. Paul’s martyrdom.

We returned to Termini, ate at Alfredo’s again (shared a pizza), and went to the hostel. After doing our laundry and getting some of our things ready to go, we went out for gelato.

Gelato Day 5: a chain store called L’Orso Bianco (White Bear). Okay, which means: pretty darn good. If I ever eat a bad gelato, stop the presses. We doubled up this time: Laura chose sour cherry; I chose dark chocolate. The latter was put on top of the former, and made a good combination.

Video: Rome III

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