60 days in Europe: Day 20 / June 18

June 18, 2014 – Levanto – Monte Carlo – Nice.

From my journal:
Packed and caught 11:00 train to Genoa. Then to Ventamiglia, last station in Italy.

Short connection to Monte Carlo. Walked up the Rampe to the old city. The Prince’s Palace, the St. Martin’s gardens, then to the Oceanographic Museum. It was amazing. By far the best museum of this sort (aquarium) that we have ever seen. World class. Then we walked back down to the Rock, where we tried to catch a bus to Nice via the Moyenne Corniche Rd. Driver told us it was done for the day, so we jumped on the #100. It takes the Lower Corniche.

Got to Nice about 8:00 and went to the hostel. Had a great dinner Bollywood Indian Restaurant, with e most charming server. Discussed favorite Bollywood movies, stars. (She was thrilled that we knew some Indian movies.) She recommended a newer Pakistani film, “Bol.”

Update: A few weeks ago, in transcribing this, I was reminded of the lovely woman’s tip. So I found the movie at a library and brought it home. It was very disturbing, with dark overtones about rape and sexual abuse of children and teenagers. And then of course everyone breaks out in song. We didn’t finish it.

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