60 Days in Europe: Day 30 / June 28


The drive to Ronda.

June 28, 2014 – Nerja – Cueva de Piketa – Ronda.

We drove out of Nerja back up into the White Hills in the Baetic Mountains, the system of mountain ranges in Southern Spain.

From my journal:
After breakfast we got groceries and drove to Cueva de Piketa, arriving about 3:00 – closed until 4:00. Started tour at 4:40. Awesome cave with stalactites, and paintings dated from 30,000 y.a. to 4,000 y.a., some of the most important in Europe. One ceiling was 30 m. high.IMG_3354JPG

Drove to Ronda. Napped at hostel, while Laura found a plastic fork and spoon. Ate in. Walked the town, the bridge, the gorge. Me, not feeling well – a cold.

Day 30 – Amazed to think, after seeing so much, that we’re only half way through our trip.

Ronda Panorama


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