60 days in Europe: Day 31 / June 29

June 29, 2014 – Ronda – Seville.

From my journal:
Laura got us coffees, eggs and tostado. Drove to Sevilla, via White Hills: Grazelema, Zahara (Lake).

Zahara Panorama

Saw the castle at El Cornil, stopped and walked through, up to to the top of the tower. Death trap!

Notice the 20-foot drop to rocks below, with no rails. I concluded that Spain has no trial lawyers.

Seville: Went to hostel and slept 5-6pm. Walked around. Very quiet, Sunday, many places closed.

Went to a German restaurant and had underwhelming vegetable soup. Came across a cathedral that had been consecrated by none other than Bartlomé de Las Casas.


Wrong. Okay, so I can’t read Spanish. This convent (not cathedral) is where Las Casas was consecrated as bishop in 1544. I can’t find any information in English about this place except this consecration and the setting up of a court of Inquisition for Seville here in 1481. Perhaps it is where the Iglesia de Santa María Magdalena was later built (1691-1709).

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