60 Days in Europe: Day 46 / July 14


July 14, 2014 – Stow – Moreton-in-Marsh – Blenheim Palace – Oxford.

From my journal:
We shopped in Stow. We found sweaters (in case they’re needed in Scotland), and a volume of Dickens for a friend. With winter clothes half-price, we spent only £6.50! ($11.)

Drove to Moreton-in-Marsh, and after a momentary look around, drove a mile and a half out to the Falconry Center. Picked up some gifts in the shop, but did not go in, as the tariff was £10 ($17) each.

Drove on to Blenheim, which was something to see, but not £22.50 ($38.25) each worth of something. (The total for the outing was about $90.) The Churchill exhibit was good, and I was glad to see it as I had missed the one at the War Rooms in London. Especially liked seeing his paintings.


Drove to a car park outside Oxford, thanks to one of the best tips anyone has given us – form a lady in one of the Stow shops – that there is no parking in Oxford. Took shuttle in to the Centre and walked the Inklings tour. Ended around 6:15 at the Eagle & Child, by happy accident in time for dinner. We ate (but didn’t drink) where the Inklings did. Shared an enormous order of fish & chips, which is the third (?) and the best I’ve had here. Think I’ll make it my last.

I didn’t.

Walked to the bus stop, took the shuttle back to the car and drove back to Stow. I sat the living room at the hostel and read Wiki on CS Lewis while other quests chatted about news items on the telly.



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