60 Days in Europe: Day 47 / July 15

July 15, 2014 – Stow – Chipping Campden – Broad Campden – Stratford-upon-Avon.

From my journal:
Elyse & Emma (Our daughter and her friend) are departing the US today!

We ate at the hostel and checked out. We drove to Chipping Campden. After a false start we got a map and started walking to Broad Campden. Got lost, of course! A young man walking his dog set us in the right direction. Walked back to Chipping and left about 3:00.


We arrived in Stratford too late, it turned out, to do all we planned. It was 4:00 and sites started closing at 5:00. Had to scratch Anne Hathaway’s house and Mary Arden’s farm. Got to see in order:

New Place and Nash House, Shakespeare’s birthplace, Trinity Church with his grave. They had an excellent presentation, explaining the significance of each of the milestones marked at the church: his baptism, wedding, funeral and burial, as well as his religious education, church attendance and knowledge of the Bible.

By the time we got back on the streets, the town was shutting down, much to our surprise and disappointment. We got kebab to go and ate by the Jester.

Then drove on to Hartington Hall, which was a country mansion turned into a hostel. The first part was built in 1350. Amazing.

The Peak District in Derbyshire.

We were also told it was the first hostel in England, and since I understand the modern hosteling movement began here, that would also make it the first hostel anywhere.


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