60 Days in Europe: Day 48 / July 16

July 16, 2014 – Hartington – York.

Had cappuccino and tea at the hostel, then checked out.

Walked down into the town and ate in cafe that housed the post office. Laura had me fetch the car while our food was being cooked, as our cards and stamps were in the car. Mailed birthday cards to Mick and Hannah, and a Hartington postcard to Ian.

Drove on to York. Got to hostel about 1:30. Parked the car, checked in, walked into town.

Went first to the Yorkshire Museum.

When we got to the Minster (York’s cathedral), it was about to re-open, but without the undercroft, which would be open tomorrow at 10am. We decided to come back.

Walked around in the rain. Assembly Rooms (now a restaurant). The Shambles. The Guildhall (from the outside). Ate at an Indian restaurant next to the hostel.


Walked in the next block where we spotted a Baptist church.

IMG_4667 (Custom)


Across the street there was a church (in what looked like a theater or music hall) called the Rock., with a notice for a Wed. night meeting at 7:30 – in 20 minutes. We washed up and changed at the hostel and returned.

Here I left two pages blank in my journal, because I wanted to write more about the church meeting, but I never did. They did a variety of things from week to week. One of them was to watch a movie, and then discuss it the following week. They used this as a springboard for a freewheeling discussion of spiritual subjects. The previous week they had watched “Leap of Faith,” with Steve martin. The talk ranged from faith to hypocrisy, charlatans, and different views of the miraculous. I was impressed that they made a safe place for the mostly young people to talk about their questions, doubts, and experiences. It was very lively, and fostered transparency, acceptance and honesty. Also, they made us feel very welcome.

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