60 Days in Europe: Day 58 / July 26

July 26, 2014 – Durham – Hadrian’s Wall – Hexham.

From my journal:
Good breakfast at hostel.

Drove to Andrew Kinghorn’s house in Great Lumley, a suburb of Durham. Met Andrew’s mum, Virginia. We drove to Housesteads on Hadrian’s Wall. Watched “A Soldier’s Story,” a living history monologue.

You can’t turn around in England without bumping into a Shakespearean actor.

Walked the wall, toward the west, I believe.

Had a really great time talking with Andrew. Theology, nature, animals, archeology. He is a serious birder and nature lover. A sweet, interesting guy and a great conversationalist.

IMG_5689 (Custom)

The Rabbit Whisperer.

We drove on to Hexham to eat, at about 3:00. Virginia called to invite us to ‘tea,’ which in this case meant dinner, or evening meal. We ate around 8:00 and had a lovely visit. We left about 10:00.

Virginia put out a wonderful, enormous spread. It was only our second time in someone’s home on our trip (the other was in Spain).

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