60 Days in Europe: Day 59 / July 27

July 27, 2014 – Durham – Canterbury.

From my journal:
After we ate breakfast, I went over to the Cathedral. Since it was Sunday, only the rear of the building was accessible and I couldn’t see the rest. Even so, wow. What an awesome church. Romanesque, with Norman vaulting and Gothic additions.

We packed up, and walked to the car with our packs. Laura suggested we check a different route, a street opposite Dun Cow (which leads to the cathedral entrance.) It lead to a cool looking bridge, but it didn’t appear it would come out anywhere close to Claypath where the car was parked. Walking back to our known route, I spotted a credit card lying in the street and picked it up. It was Chinese, and had the name ‘Ms Chen Jia Ning,’ but no phone number. We asked a couple (who seemed they might be Chinese) and they said No. Then we saw two Chinese young women and asked if it was one of them (no), and then if they could find a phone number on it (no). We said we would dispose of it, and one them said no, it could be used by someone. Then the other said, “Wait! This is my classmate! I know her.”

A few minutes later we walked past the two in a group with other Chinese students standing and talking. We turned and waved and a third young woman came came running up to us thanking us for finding and returning her card. 🙂

We drove from about 10:00 to 4:15, when we got to the the train station in Canterbury to fetch the girls, who had come from Bath.

Elyse and I hung out at the hostel while Emma and Laura went out for some dinner. They couldn’t find a store open, so they brought back Chinese take-out. After dinner I stayed while the three of them went for some sweets.

Elyse watched a movie with other guests in the common room. Laura and I planned our itinerary for the next day.

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