Save the Date: “Ambrosia” Premieres May 31st

This Thursday marks the premiere of my friend Eric Waetjen’s debut, Ambrosia. Eric’s previous work includes a sharp, polished music video for his band Noir City of their song Cold Eyes, which he directed with (Ambrosia DP) Paul Peterson. (If you look carefully you can spot yours truly at 1:06 and in shots following 1:30)

Cold Eyes displays a clear vision and a developed style that most directors lack starting out. This is due to his talent, high standards and assemblage of talented collaborators. Eric is also a close student of film, staking out personal favorites such Sergio Leone and Michael Mann as sources of inspiration and influence.

I am excited about seeing Ambrosia, which Eric has written produced and directed. With it, Eric presents the kind of narrative he has envisioned almost since we met in 1997: a sci-fi crime thriller with a clean, urban, neo-noir vibe, taut action and lots of energy. Check out the trailers. I think you’ll agree that it looks to be an impressive debut short, with only better things to come.

And if you live in the Portland area, come see Ambrosia. It starts every 20 minutes from 7:30 to10:40 at the Living Room Theater, 341 SW 10th Ave. Here are the details from the Ambrosia Facebook page:

Ambrosia showing on 3 screens, 39 mins, 8 showings
Theater 1: 7:30, 8:50, 10:10
Theater 2: 7:50, 9:10, 10:40
Theater 3: 8:10, 9:30

Come see one of the most intense action packed films produced in Portland (all local actors and crew). All of your friends are invited (free). Please share this event on FB and Twitter with all your friends.
(no minors). Enjoy the bar and café.

After you see Ambrosia at the Living Room Theater on May 31st feel free to head just around the corner to Aura(1022 West Burnside Street) for The Ambrosia After Screening Party! Enjoy drinks and DJ music. The door is free!

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